About Us

Soul-Threads is a clothing and accessory boutique with one purpose in mind; enriching the soul! The idea came about during this great pandemic of 2020 :-). With negativity and divisiveness being spread about, hope, love and EMPATHY was getting lost. Soul-Threads was born out of a way to regain what is being hidden.

Everyone has been impacted by this pandemic. Our world, as we once knew it, has been turned upside down. Take a moment to think of our youth and the impact this has been on them; physically and emotionally. We must reach out. From the littlest to the biggest, we need to be there for them during these darkest of times. We need to be that inspiration of hope and we must continue teaching them empathy and compassion. After all, the youth of today will be our leaders of the future!

Join our mission. Find local youth programs to volunteer in. Do random acts of kindness. BE the good we need in the world. Wear inspiration. With EVERY purchase, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to Youth programs throughout the United States.

So our message is simple; buy high-quality, beautifully designed items and enrich your soul by knowing you are paying-it-forward.

Shop smart... Shop with a purpose... Shop for your soul!